Meet Our Team

Welcome to DJ Czer Events.  It takes a village to plan an amazing event, and this is ours!  With more than 3 decades of combined experience, our team is prepared for anything you need. 


Casey Loraditch



Collin Johnson

Lighting Intern/Set up Crew


Tamara Lowry

Event Coordinator/Choreographer

DJ Czer

DJ Czer has more than 15 years experience and travels all over the United States for many different events.  He was a night club DJ for 10 years, and now is on the radio every week for more than  20,000 listeners!

Tamara has been an event coordinator for 20 years.  She has coordinated over 600 events.  She has 12 years experience in Choreography, and currently helps Brides and Grooms as well as wedding parties coordinate amazing dances for their events.

Collin is a production and film student.  He is the newest member of our team, and has proven to be an invaluable asset for our crew.


(740) 974-7757


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